Submitting a Project Proposal

To prepare for a cultural workshop in class, the person in the school responsible for the project must contact an artist, writer or cultural organization listed in the Répertoire culture-éducation. Together, they discuss the content and duration of the activity, and the preparation to be carried out with the students. If the workshop is to be conducted by videoconference, it is recommended that sound, audiovisual and connection checks be carried out first in order to ensure that the best possible conditions are in place.

It should be noted that the cultural resource person may carry out activities several times as part of the same project and that, in giving a workshop, this person in no way serves as a substitute for the teacher. Accordingly, the teacher must be present in the classroom for the duration of the project and manage the class during the workshop.

Cultural workshop projects must be submitted to the school service centre (SSC), school board (SB) or to the Direction de l'enseignement privé of the Ministère, in accordance with the established terms and conditions. A model of the Cultural Workshops at School Project Submission Form is provided to school boards for this purpose.

For more details, teachers can contact their school principal, who can, if necessary, contact the person responsible for Culture-Education files at the SSC or SB. The principal could also contact the Direction de l’enseignement privé at the Ministère.

Evaluation of applications for financial assistance

A project evaluation, selection and follow-up process must be established by the SSC and SB. It is up to the SSC, the SB or the Direction de l'enseignement privé of the Ministère to accept or refuse project submissions.

The assessment of project proposals could take into account the following criterias:

  • effective collaboration between teachers and cultural resources
  • recruitment of the greatest possible number of students and their active participation throughout the project
  • appropriateness of the project’s preparation and transfer-of-learning activities
  • connections with the Québec Education Program

Contact us

Public schools:

Private schools:

Artists and cultural organizations:
Contact the regional representative Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre. of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications in your area.

Contact the l’Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois (UNEQ).


Public schools:
The project submission deadlines are determined by each school service centre and school board.

Private schools:
The submission deadline for cultural workshop proposals is October 15.

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