Promoting Education

October, a time to shine the spotlight on Québec teachers!

Phase III of the campaign to promote education, developed by the Ministère, is currently under way. Beginning on October 3 of this year, it will run for four weeks on Québec’s main television stations. This third phase highlights the central role of teachers in student success by affirming that “there’s an inspiring teacher behind every successful adult. With their words, their actions and their passion, our teachers are shaping the future of Québec.”

This campaign is part of Path 1 of I care about school!, a strategy to increase student retention and academic success that provides for various actions to promote education throughout Québec. One of these actions, launched in the spring of 2010, consists in carrying out a campaign to promote the value of education.

This three-year campaign, the theme of which is A bright future begins at school: Let's all do our homework, is intended to underscore the importance of education and to highlight the essential role that parents, teachers and young people themselves play in student retention and academic success.

Phase I of the campaign showcased the decisive role played by parents in young people’s success in school and sent a clear message: “School is demanding. By listening to your children and offering encouragement and support you will help them to succeed in school.”

Phase II, intended for 12- to 17-year-olds, featured Laurier the teacher, one of the characters in Les Pieds dans la marge, a show that plays on Radio-Canada. In a series of video clips, the ever-humourous Laurier talked to teens about subjects like the importance of making an effort, self-esteem, making sense out of school and striking a balance among the different activities of daily life.

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