Path 9 - Increase extracurricular sports and cultural activities

Participation in extracurricular activities enables young people to develop a feeling of belonging and can give them the desire to become involved with the school and stay until they receive their diploma. These activities are a source of motivation and pride for students.

More extracurricular activities

In order to reinforce the sense of belonging to the school, the number of extracurricular activities offered to students, especially to boys and students at risk of dropping out, will be increased in secondary schools.

Whether it be a visit to a museum, seeing a play or the organization of a soccer or football league, various activities can make the school an attractive living environment for young people. Such activities may include physical activities (soccer, badminton, fitness training, etc.), community activities (community service groups, solidarity clubs, youth-seniors committees, etc.) or cultural activities (drama, choir or dance, etc.).

A number of special educational projects, particularly in sports and in the arts, will be made accessible to more students, including those with academic difficulties. The organization of these activities should have a connection with the school’s success plan.

At École Jean XXIII of the Commission scolaire de la Riveraine, students with an aptitude for music are encouraged to develop their talent by becoming involved in the Harmonie la Riveraine. Their participation fosters a strong feeling of belonging to the school, which in turn has a positive influence on their behaviour and learning.

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