Path 6 - Reduce learning delays in elementary school

Learning delays in elementary school significantly increase the risk of dropping out of school at the secondary level. It is clear that the school, especially the relationship between teachers and students in the classroom, can make a difference in terms of increasing the probability that young people in secondary school will stay in school and succeed. The right teaching practices, together with guidance for students and support for teachers, play a crucial role.

The collaboration of parents is essential in maintaining the student’s commitment and supporting his or her progress.

Homework assistance

The Homework Assistance program will be improved in order to increase the number of students who benefit from it and to provide better support for parents, with special attention to boys who are experiencing difficulties. The schools will implement a variety of support measures on a three-year basis:

  • introduction to working methods for students
  • assistance for parents in providing better support for their children
  • training for daycare workers in providing homework assistance
  • training for students to become peer helpers

The help with school work provided by the organization Allô prof will be extended to all regions of Québec. Thus, students having difficulty with homework will be able to get help by telephone from teachers of mathematics, English, science or any other subject.  This will be supplemented by chat rooms, discussion forums and a virtual library.

Individualized guidance in reading and mathematics

Every student who fails in reading or mathematics will be offered support measures. These can take a variety of forms and may be applied by regular or remedial teachers or other personnel.

As required, the school principal will develop an individualized education plan with the cooperation of the parents, the student and the personnel concerned. The principal will monitor this plan scrupulously and review it at regular intervals.

For students who have recently immigrated to Québec, the school will offer other opportunities in addition to the French, language of instruction, program to develop their reading skills, an essential element of student success.

Contribution of Adult Education Centres

Support measures will continue to be offered in adult education centres and community organizations, especially in disadvantaged areas, to assist parents in helping their children on their educational path. These measures will take various forms, such as:

  • a course on parenting skills
  • the Family, School, Community: Let’s Succeed Together program
  • the Assistance for emergent reading and writing in disadvantaged areas program

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