Path 2 - Establish targets for each school board and monitor them

MELS will come to an agreement with the school boards on measurable objectives for student retention and student success. They will make the results of this agreement public.

The objectives set for each school board will reflect the contribution required for it to attain a graduation rate of 80% by the year 2020.

Firm commitments will also be made between the schools and the school boards. These commitments will take into account the special situation of aboriginal students.

Commitment of school boards

In the context of a partnership agreement with the Minister, every school board will make commitments concerning the following:

  • the measures and actions that the school board will implement to help more students stay in school and succeed.
  • measurable objectives concerning:
    • the rate of student retention and student success, in particular for students with handicaps or social or learning difficulties
    • the graduation rate
    • English language competency
    • the health and safety features of its schools
    • greater access to vocational training for young people under 20 years of age
    • aboriginal students’ opportunities to stay in school and succeed

By March 31, 2010, the Minister must be informed of the means to be implemented in the fall of 2010 to help students stay in school and succeed.

Before July 1, 2010, partnership agreements must be concluded in order to redefine the personality of the school and its school life.

MELS will engage in discussions with the special-status school boards in the northern regions about the objectives and means to be put in place to foster their students’ ability to stay in school and succeed.

A person in every school board responsible for helping students to stay in school

The success attained through the paths proposed by the Minister will depend directly on the monitoring done. Rigorous monitoring will therefore be carried out. 

Every school board will designate a person responsible for helping students to stay in school and succeed. This person will serve as a project officer or coordinator and have the job of sensitizing, guiding and mobilizing the various persons involved.

The school board representative will collaborate closely with the school principal in developing and implementing the school success plan and the paths to success.


Public declarations by school boards

Every year, school boards will make a public declaration of their actions and their results to parents, the public they serve and the Minister.

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