Path 11 - Provide better support for Secondary IV and Secondary V students in order to help them reach graduation

More than a quarter of students who drop out of school in a given year have reached Secondary V. Students who reach Secondary IV or V sometimes only need a helping hand to obtain a Secondary School Diploma or Diploma of Vocational Studies. In these cases, dropping out of school is most often related to a lack of commitment and the absence of concrete educational plans.

A helping hand to enable them to graduate

In all Québec schools, every Secondary IV or V student who fails in a subject required to obtain a Secondary School Diploma will be supported in order to help him or her succeed in the course or courses concerned.  A resource teacher or a school professional will meet with the student and evaluate the type of support measures to be implemented.

A systematic identification will be made of students who, though not yet having failed, show signs of disengagement, especially in the form of absenteeism, a decline in academic performance or social withdrawal. The school administrators will see that these students meet with a resource teacher or a school professional to determine the measures to be implemented.

IDEO 16-17

School boards must develop partnerships with the Carrefours jeunesse emploi du Québec, with the collaboration of local educational organizations, the health sector and community organizations in order to implement the IDEO 16-17 support program. This program is aimed at offering a range of services to enable young people in difficulty to persevere in school and develop social, occupational and personal autonomy.

To ensure that students who are tempted to drop out of school during the summer continue their studies, the Commission scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke has put in place several targeted initiatives, such as sending parents postcards to make them aware of the phenomenon of "summer dropouts" and to inform them of the existence of a summertime telephone hot line. Reminders are also sent to students in Secondary IV and V in August, as well as to students who do not attend open house.

The graduation rate has increased at Quebec High School ever since the implementation of Community Learning Centers (CLCs) in 2006. The graduation rate was 73.8% in 2006, 81.8% in 2007 and 90% in 2008.

This success was made possible by a professional development project in which math teachers received additional support from consultants to help improve their teaching skills. History teachers were also entitled to assistance.


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