Ethics and Religious Culture Program

Contributing to harmonious social relations in Québec society today

The school's mission is to instruct, socialize and provide qualifications. To accomplish this, it must broaden horizons, develop talents and provide the tools needed for each individual to live with others as a self-actualized, free and responsible adult. Québec society is undergoing change: societal challenges are as much an issue for urban centres as for rural regions; mentalities are evolving in keeping with a multitude of influences; values and convictions are being asserted with greater force; questions are constantly being raised. The school must therefore adjust to this transformation. It is within this context that the new Ethics and Religious Culture program is being offered to all elementary and secondary school students. This program will replace the Catholic Religious and Moral Instruction, Protestant Moral and Religious Education, and Moral Education programs that have been taught until now. The new program, which reflects the preference of the majority of Quebeckers, will make it possible to offer the same education to all Québec students while respecting the freedom of conscience and religion of parents, students and teachers.

The Ethics and Religious Culture program will allow your child to:

  • acquire or consolidate, if applicable, an understanding of how all individuals are equal in terms of right and dignity
  • learn to reflect on issues
  • explore, depending on his/her age, different ways in which Québec's religious heritage is present in his/her immediate or broader environment
  • learn about elements of other religious traditions present in Québec
  • grow and develop in a society in which different values and beliefs coexist

Your Child Reflects and Explores


Your child will learn to:

  • carefully reflect on aspects of certain social realities and subjects such as justice, happiness, laws and rules
  • ask himself or herself questions such as: What value should guide people in their relationships in society? What are the characteristics of acceptable and unacceptable behavior?  How can these behaviours be recognized?

It will therefore become easier for your child to organize his/her ideas and express them with respect and conviction.

Religious culture

Your child will:


  • learn about the important place of Catholicism and Protestantism in Québec's religious heritage
  • discover the contributions of Judaism and Native spiritualities of this religious heritage
  • learn about elements of other religious traditions more recently found in Québec society


  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education (Cycles One and Two)


Appreciation Form

Appreciation Form
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