Preparation for the Ministerial Examination

This list is not intended to be exhaustive. There are many other valuable resources for consultation; you will find reference to these in the resources listed under reference materials. You may also contact your college for additional resources or assistance.

Reference Materials

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  • Norton, Sarah, Brian Green and Nell Waldman. The Bare Essentials Plus. 2nd ed. Toronto: Nelson, 2002.

Interpretation of Results

To find out how to interpret your results on the Ministerial Examination of College English, consult the Marking Guide.

Preparing for the English Exit Exam (864-MEE-FD)

This individualized non-credit course helps you work through the exact areas that gave you trouble the first time. We start you off with a short diagnostic test to reveal exactly where you need to concentrate your efforts. Then you and your tutor will work together through a series of homework assignments. The course exam is like a trial run of the Exit Exam with detailed feedback. With in-depth explanations, guidance, tips and lots of practice, "Preparing for English Exit Exam" prepares you to write the Exit Exam with confidence. For more information, consult cegep@distance Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre..

Past Writing Guidelines

Please note that this Web site contains a list of recent exam readings. Copies of these readings are available in libraries and learning centres or writing centres at most English CEGEPs. In addition, you will find six sample student essays with completed assessment sheets and related commentary about the student’s evaluation. Also included is a copy of the marking guide used by correctors of the exam and the conversion table.

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