Official college documents


Diploma of College Studies (DCS)

Diploma awarded since 1967 by the Minister for technical or pre-university studies. The programs leading to a DCS have a general education component and a program-specific component.

  • Example of a DCS (JPG) (in French)
  • Example of a bilingual DCS (JPG)

The following documents also constitute official proof that a DCS has been awarded:

  • Example of a duplicate DCS (JPG) (in French)
  • Example of a duplicate bilingual DCS (JPG)
  • Example of a certification of diploma awarded (JPG) (in French)
  • Example of a bilingual certification of diploma awarded (JPG)

Attestation of College Studies (ACS)

Attestation awarded by the colleges since 1984. Programs leading to the ACS are developed by the colleges and do not include a general education component. Prior to 1984, the programs leading to the ACS were developed by the minister, who also awarded the attestations.

College Studies Transcript (statement of marks)

Document issued by a college to a student at the end of each term. It indicates the results obtained by the student in each course since beginning college studies, the number of credits earned, the objectives and standards attained and various other information items concerning the student’s educational path.


Certificate of College Studies (CCS)

Certificate awarded by the Minister for technical studies begun between 1973 and 1993. The programs leading to the CCS were developed by the Ministère and generally corresponded to the program-specific component of a technical DCS. These programs did not have a general education component.

Diploma of Advanced College Studies (DACS)

This diploma of advanced college studies was awarded by the Minister for technical studies begun between 1984 and 1973. The programs leading to the DACS were developed by the Ministère and were designed to enable students to further develop the competencies they had acquired in programs leading to a technical DCS or a CCS. These programs were restricted to holders of a technical DCS or a CCS and had no general education component.

Attestation of Post-Secondary College Studies (APCS)

Certification issued by the Ministère from 1973 to 1983 indicating the specialization or major for a student who had already earned a Diploma of College Studies (DCS) or a Certificate of College Studies (CCS), the vocational field in which the student had pursued his/her studies and the number of years of additional study. This attestation was instead of a second DCS or CCS because, at the time, no one could hold more than one DCS or CCS. The holder of an attestation of post-secondary college studies may request that the Ministère replace his/her attestation by a CCS or a DCS, as the case may be.

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