Duplicate diploma

This service enables the holder of a Diploma of College Studies (DCS) to obtain a copy (duplicata).

This copy is the same size as the original (13 7/8'' x 10'') and bears the designation "Duplicata."

  • Example of a duplicate bilingual DCS (JPG)

The duplicata replaces a lost or destroyed original. It carries the same official weight as the original and, just like the original, must be kept by the holder for personal use and should never be given to a third person. It is better to use a certification of diploma awarded when looking for a job.

A bilingual version of the diploma may be provided only for graduates of an Anglophone college, or for individuals who require an authenticated official document for use in a country whose official language is other than French.

When applying for admission to a university located in Québec, you do not need to provide a copy of a letter certifying that a diploma has been awarded or a duplicate of your Diploma of College Studies (DCS). With your authorization, the university can access a database that lists the DCS(s) that you have obtained.

This service is free. Only one duplicate diploma can be produced. Requests made by telephone or e-mail cannot be processed. Duplicate diplomas cannot be e-mailed or faxed.

Request are processed within ten working days. Allowance must then be made for mail delivery time.



  • Print out the static form or copy it out by hand, making sure to include all the mandatory sections.
  • Complete the form and sign it.
  • Fax the form to 418-643-7100 or mail it to the following address:

    Direction des affaires étudiantes et institutionnelles
    Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur
    1035, rue De La Chevrotière, 18e étage
    Québec (Québec) G1R 5A5

Please note that no requests can be handled in person.

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1035, rue De La Chevrotière
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