Other Types of Training

Remedial Activities

Remedial activities allow students who do not meet all the admission requirements for college to acquire the knowledge they lack which is considered essential for pursuing their college studies.

Springboard to a DCS Path (081.06)

The aim of the Springboard to a DCS path is to provide students with the training that enables them to enroll in or complete a program of study leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS).

University Prerequisites (080.04)

The University prerequisites pathway is designed for students who need to complete courses that are prerequisites for admission to a university program. All colleges are authorized to offer this path.

Customized Training and Services for Business and Industry

Colleges may also offer other types of training, designed to respond to the diverse interests of the general public or the specific needs of businesses.

Please consult each college's website (in French only) to see the training being offered.

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