Target population

Adults may decide to seek information, counselling or support for various reasons:

  • They have no qualifications or diploma.
  • They have dropped out of school, recently or several years ago.
  • They have lost their job and need retraining or upgrading.
  • They want to enrich their knowledge or acquire prerequisites for a new training program.
  • They are immigrants, are Aboriginal people, have handicaps, have a low literacy level or have been in prison.
  • They are poor, are receiving employment insurance or welfare or have no financial support.
  • They do not or no longer have a personal or career plan (job loss, reorientation following physical or mental health problems, etc.).
  • They have unrecognized competencies.
  • They want to improve their living and working conditions.
  • They want to help their children.

SARCA personnel are there to receive clients and support them as they work on their plan.

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