Responsibilities of the Student and the College – Students with Disabilities

The student's responsibilities

Students wishing to avail themselves of accommodation measures are responsible for declaring the nature of their disability and participating in the determination of their needs in conjunction with their educational institution.

Like all other students, you must register for college and pay the related expenses by the prescribed deadline(s). Students who are aware of their responsibilities and those of their college are better equipped to succeed in their postsecondary studies.

If your situation changes during the semester, your accommodation measures may be reviewed. If this were to happen, it would be important for you to immediately contact the adapted services office of your college to discuss your needs and make any necessary adjustments. In any case, individualized education plans and accommodation measures are generally revised each semester.

Responsibilities of the college

The college is required to admit you if you comply with the conditions for admission—unless it has exceeded its quota. You cannot be refused admission because of a disability. On the other hand, if you are admitted to a program and have trouble acquiring one or more of its competencies, the college will probably contact you, just as it would any other student, in order to help you make the best possible decision with respect to your studies. 

The college is also responsible for informing you, guiding you through any necessary procedures and making accommodations conducive to your success.  

However, there is no formal obligation for colleges to apply the recommendations of the authorized professionals. Colleges take many factors into account in determining the accommodation measures to be implemented. They consider recommendations made by professionals, just as they do other determining factors such as your program, the resources available, the regulations in effect, etc. 

Collaboration between yourself and the adapted services office is always a good way to craft different solutions that meet your needs and take into account the school’s situation.

Moreover, accommodation measures are implemented only if they are reasonable and do not impose excessive constraints on the college. To learn about the criteria used to define the concept of excessive constraints, go to the website of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre..

In case of difficulties

Should one or more members of the teaching staff be reluctant to implement the accommodation measures set out in your individualized education plan, you should notify your college’s adapted services office as soon as possible. With your consent, adapted services staff will then contact the individuals concerned to discuss the situation and try to find a solution to it. If these individuals prove to be uncooperative, the director of studies will be advised and measures can be taken to remedy the situation. Mediation is, of course, the preferred way of handling such problems. 

If you believe that you are being discriminated against, we suggest that you speak to a member of your college’s adapted services staff, or to someone else whom you trust. These people can listen to you and help you in your endeavours to rectify your situation. Adapted services staff can also, if necessary, refer you to specialists who can analyze the situation and correct it.

It would also be wise to check whether your educational institution has a policy on discrimination and, if so, to familiarize yourself with it. Such policies generally explain the procedures to be taken and indicate whom you should contact.

It is also a good idea to keep a record of the steps you have taken and to relate the events in a clear and objective manner.

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