Internship Students with Disabilities

Should you wish to take advantage of accommodation measures during an internship, you must disclose the information required by the host organization, or allow your college to do this on your behalf. However, you are not obliged to provide this information.

Neither colleges nor internship coordinators can disclose your personal information without your consent, except in emergency situations involving a potential risk to your safety or to that of others. Any assessment that such a situation exists must be strongly supported by accurate, objective and documented observations.

Once the host organization has been apprised of your disabilities or limitations, the person in charge of the internship program is required to institute accommodation measures. You cannot be refused on the basis of your disability, and your internship will be conducted in the same manner as that of all other students.

The college must ensure that the measures established are effective and conducive to your success.

It is important for you, just as it is for all other students, to carefully prepare your internship. The host organization will then be better able to accommodate you and offer you training suited to your abilities and limitations.

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