Choosing a Program of Study and a College

Several services are available to help you in your decision to apply to college.

Resource People

In secondary school, there are a number of people who can provide you with information on college programs and the steps involved in applying for admission. These people include:

  • staff providing academic and career information services
  • Personal Orientation Project teachers
  • guidance counsellors

Once you have registered in college, you may discuss your educational path with:

  • staff providing academic and career information services
  • guidance counsellors
  • individual pedagogical support professionals

Several colleges host activities, including open houses, to introduce future students to what they have to offer.

Find a Program

Information on the types of programs offered in the Québec college system and descriptions of the programs leading to the Diploma of College Studies (DCS) are provided in the College Education section of this website.

The general requirements for admission to programs of study leading to a DCS and, if applicable, the specific requirements for admission are provided in the publication College Circuit.

For programs leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS), the College Education Regulations stipulate two admission requirements:

  • applicants must have interrupted their full-time studies or have pursued post-secondary studies for at least two consecutive terms
  • or applicants must be covered under an agreement between the college and an employer, or must be benefiting from a government program.

The prerequisites for admission to a program of study leading to an ACS are set by the colleges.

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