Choosing a Program of Study and a College

Applying to college is an important step and requires preparation and planning. Students should take their time to explore the different programs and job opportunities available to them, and to assess their own abilities and consider the potential consequences of their decisions.

Information on the types of training offered in the college system and the descriptions and prerequisites of programs leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS) can be found in the College Education section.

There are various services that can help students in their application process.

Resource People

In secondary school, there are a number of people who can provide students with information on college programs and the steps involved in applying for admission. These services include:

  • staff providing academic and career information services
  • Personal Orientation Project teachers
  • guidance counsellors

Once you are registered at a college, you may discuss your educational path with:

  • staff providing academic and career information services
  • guidance counsellors
  • individual pedagogical support professionals

A number of colleges also host activities, including open houses, to introduce future students to what they have to offer.

Find a Program

Every college offers information on the programs and services they offer.

To find out which programs leading to a DCS are offered at a specific college, you may consult the list of approved programs, by college Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre.. To find out which colleges offer a specific program leading to a DCS, consult the list of colleges authorized to offer it. This list also indicates whether a college offers a program at more than one campus.

For programs leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS) and other types of training, it is best to consult the website of each college, since this information is constantly changing.

You can also contact one of the three regional admission services (RAS) for information on programs offered in your region and their admission requirements.  

The Repères System

Accessible through academic and vocational information counsellors at secondary schools and colleges, the Repères system is an online database that hosts information on available academic and career paths. It covers the secondary, college and university levels and provides data on training programs, the job market, different occupations, educational institutions, resource organizations and academic and vocational assistance programs.

Are You Still Undecided?

It is possible to register for college without choosing a program of study right away. Students may register for the Springboard to DCS program or courses common to all programs. They may also sign up for orientation activities, remedial activities, activities fostering student success, etc.

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