Applying for Admission

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for college are defined in the College Education Regulations Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre., which stipulate five admission requirement options:

  1. hold a Secondary School Diploma (SSD)
  2. hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) and have passed:
  • the Secondary V language of instruction program
  • the Secondary V second language program
  • the Secondary IV mathematics program
  1. have received instruction the college considers equivalent
  2. have instruction and experience the college considers sufficient
  3. lack at most six credits to obtain an SSD or one of the subjects indicated in admission requirement option 2  

For programs leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS), the College Education Regulations stipulate three admission requirement options:

  1. have interrupted full-time studies or pursued post-secondary studies for at least two consecutive terms (a combination of interruption of studies and post-secondary studies is accepted)
  2. hold a DVS
  3. be covered under an agreement between the college and an employer, or be benefiting from a government plan

The prerequisites for admission to a program of study leading to an ACS are set by the colleges.

Prerequisites for admission

Some college programs also require applicants to have successfully completed specific courses in secondary school (for example, a mathematics, physics or chemistry course). These requirements are called prerequisites. A number of college programs have no prerequisites.

By regulation, colleges may apply special conditions to certain programs. This is notably the case when there is a limited number of spots available for a program. These conditions may also be connected to:

• the priority given to students graduating from secondary school

• the excellence of the school record

• the results of an interview or entry exam

• the passing of a medical examination

However, these conditions must not have the effect of requiring the successful completion of secondary school courses, other than those required as general and specific admission conditions established by the Minister.


Programs Leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS)

Once the decision to apply to college has been made, students must complete the necessary application documents. 

The deadlines for submitting an application for admission to a CEGEP are as follows:

  • Fall term: March 1
  • Winter term: November 1

Students must complete the application form and attach the required supporting documents.

Most CEGEPs are part of one of the three regional admission services (RAS) in Québec. Generally, applications for admission to a CEGEP must be sent to the RAS to which the college belongs.

In the case of other CEGEPs (Dawson College and the Saint-Lambert and Saint-Lawrence campuses of the Champlain Regional College), applications for admission must be sent directly to the college.

The deadlines for submitting an application for admission to a private college are listed on each college’s website. Applications for admission must be sent directly to the private college(s) of your choice.

Programs Leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS) and other types of programs

With regard to programs leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS) or other types of programs, the deadlines and requirements for submitting an application for admission are indicated on each college’s website.

Some Basic Procedures

  • Make sure that the program you have chosen is offered at the college to which you are applying.
  • You must pay the application fees in order to activate the opening, analysis and processing of your file.
  • If you wish to change programs within the same college, you must contact that college to find out the procedure.
  • The colleges make their own decisions on admissions and contact the applicants.
  • Once you have been accepted, the college will invite you to register. It is extremely important that you reply within the prescribed time limits in order to hold your spot.


Deadlines for submitting your application for admission

Programs leading to a DCS in a CEGEP

  • Fall semester: March 1
  • Winter semester: November 1

Programs leading to a DCS in a private college

Programs leading to an ACS or other types of programs

Appreciation Form

Appreciation Form
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