Bill 144 – Free Educational Services and Compulsory School Attendance

On November 9, 2017, the National Assembly adopted an act primarily intended to ensure free educational services and compulsory school attendance.  

In keeping with the orientations of the Policy on Educational Success, Bill 144 is designed to ensure the success of all students without exception, regardless of age or status, as part of a broader intervention process with children receiving homeschooling, children of migrants with precarious immigration status, and children attending educational institutions that either are unaccredited or do not meet Québec education system requirements.

More specifically, this bill amends the Education Act and other legislative provisions in order to provide for:

  • a better understanding of the issue of school non-attendance in Québec
  • the strengthening, enhancement and modernization of monitoring powers in order to enable all children to fulfill their obligation to attend school
  • the modernization of frameworks governing homeschooling
  • the modernization and enhancement of homeschooling frameworks and supports
  • the increased accessibility of free schooling for children of migrants with precarious status


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