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Programme d'études

This document, Secondary English for Adult Learners (S.E.A.L.), is a program for teaching the language arts to students seeking secondary credits in the adult education sector. It replaces the Programme par objectifs, and was developed in response to a mandate from the Ministère, to develop a program that was:

up-to-date and consistent with current research and developments in linguistics and theories of language learning;

in harmony with the theoretical foundations, approach, and objectives of the secondary English language arts program in the regular sector;

adapted to the needs of adult learners and the adult education context in the province of Québec.

This program fulfills the mandate. In 1987, a provincial committee, consisting of representatives from the various school boards throughout the province which offer English Mother Tongue to adults, was convened to raise the issue of developing a new program. This committee was reconvened early in 1988, when it was agreed that the existing PPO failed to address the needs and abilities of the adult clientele. The need for an up-to-date program, coordinated with the regular sector program and responsive to the needs of adults, was strongly expressed.

Premier cycle du secondaire

Définitions du domaine d'examen
Titre Code ministériel Code Charlemagne
Language in Everyday Life 38-9864A ENG-1061-3
Language and Self-Expression 38-9865A ENG-1062-3
Language for Creativity 38-9866A ENG-2061-3
Language, Media and Communication 38-9867A ENG-2062-3
Language to Inform 38-9868A ENG-3061-3
Language for Comment and Persuasion 38-9869A ENG-3062-3

Deuxième cycle du secondaire

Définitions du domaine d'examen
Titre Code ministériel Code Charlemagne
Language for Enjoyment 38-9870A ENG-4061-3
Language in Work and Society 38-9871A ENG-4062-3
Language in Drama and Literature 38-9872A ENG-5061-3
Language and Learning 38-9873A ENG-5062-3
Definition of the Domain for Placement Testing 38-9874A Aucun

Formulaire d'appréciation

Formulaire d'appréciation
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